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Remedies for property title fraud

The number and value of fraudulent property transactions is at a record high. Last year, the Land Registry prevented the registration of nearly £25 million worth of transactions due to fraud. Neil Franklin and Sam McCollum from law firm TLT, examine the current position in relation to property hijack fraud and the remedies available for innocent purchasers and lenders, ahead of two important Court of Appeal cases

143 million could be affected by Equifax database hack

Equifax has been hacked in a cybersecurity breach which could potentially impact 143 million Americans and some UK and Canadian residents. The credit reference agency said it is working with UK and Canadian regulators to determine appropriate next steps. Its investigation found that criminals exploited a US website application vulnerability to gain access to certain files between mid-May and 29 July 2017, when the intrusion was ...

Estate agents must look out for money laundering

Following new anti-money laundering law, estate agents now have to scrutinise house buyers’ finances to make sure they are not buying property with dirty money. But the legislation was rushed through and there is concern that estate agents are not fully aware of their responsibilities. Alex Ktorides, partner at Gordon Dadds, explains

Cases of mortgage fraud

Mortgage fraud can mean big bucks for conmen but if caught and convicted it will result in long jail terms. MFG takes a look at some recent court cases