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The future of digital in the mortgage market

Digital technology is changing the financial landscape but how will it impact on the mortgage market of the future? This was the subject under consideration at the latest Mortgage Finance Gazette Lunch Club in association with Sutherland UK

Mainstream lenders ignore the self-employed workforce at their peril

More people are becoming self-employed but they can find it hard to get a mortgage. Although some providers will consider lending to those working for themselves, the industry could be doing much more to cater for this important part of the workforce. Craig McKinlay, sales and marketing director at Kensington Mortgages, reports

Over 60s take up SAS cyber attack training

It doesn’t matter whether you are an individual or run a business, everyone is susceptible to cyber attacks and scams. Santander is tacking this head on by taking the over 60s back to school; meanwhile businesses continue to be bombarded with cyber ammunition

Managing valuation risk

Ali Junkison, senior product manager at Landmark Valuation Services, discusses the advantages of Valuation Risk Modelling in property transactions

Leasehold issues for lenders: Forfeiture and disclaimer of leases

The growth in leasehold ownership within the UK retail mortgage market is resulting in lease-related issues increasingly affecting lender clients. Karl Anders - partner, real estate litigation, Louise Power – partner, banking litigation, and Sandip Singh – senior associate, banking litigation from Walker Morris, provide some practical insight for lenders